Shelby's Tyre Dressing - The product that actually works!

Whether you've spent hours cleaning and waxing your car, or just run over it with our time saving waterless wash and wax, to complete the job, the tyres!!!


So many people have differing views, but whether you just cant be bothered, or too tired after spending hours on the rest of it, one thing is for certain, detailed tyres complete the overall look of the car when it's finished.

The Shelby Tyre Detailer is a fast, effective and long lasting solution to the job. 

Simply use together with an applicator, apply to the tyres in round sweeping movements making sure all tyre surfaces have a coating, and stand back and admire to finish.

We at CSL like the new look to a tyre so one application takes the tyre back to new, and then a second adds extra sheen if you prefer that.

Use now to complete the job and make your car look fantastic. 

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