Ceramic Coatings and vehicle graphics / wraps

Can the Shelby Ceramic Coating be used on vehicles with graphics and wrap's?

The Simple and quick answer if you dont want to read anymore is YES!

We've taken years to get this formula right, and have tested it to the 'enth' degree to make sure it does exactly what we say it will.

Adding graphics and wraps is a costly exercise and you need to be sure that whatever you add, wont interfere or degrade the bond your vinyl has to the vehicles surface.

AND although we NEVER comment on our competitors products, unlike many of them out there that are oil based, so do have ingredients you simply dont want near your graphics.

With ours, you will have no worries on this and it can be applied safely and you can be secure in your decision to trust the CSL SHELBY stamp of approval.

This technology is even applied to our glass cleaner. If you've had your windows tinted recently, then the last thing you want is a glass cleaner that dissolves the bonding material. Again, many products have these ingredients to make them perform better. Our Glass Cleaner has been specifically formulated to work at the top level on any surface, treated, coated, wrapped, tinted - whatever.

Trust is earned!

Customer reviews on our products help enforce this!

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