Waterless Wash & Wax

We offer two types of waterless wash and wax products - the very best Carnauba wax and our award-winning ceramic technology. Both these products will give you an excellent finish without the use of buckets and hoses.

Which one is right for me?

Carnauba Waterless - for those who love a clean car but hate the hours normally spent to get that great finish. Good for dirtier cars.

Ceramic Waterless - leaves a much higher shine and longer lasting with protection. Car needs to be fairly clean initially.

Each product in more detail

For further information on the differences and who we would recommend each product for, read below and click on the button to find out more and buy.

Carnauba Waterless Wash & Wax

For those of us who love a clean car but hate the hours normally spent to get that great finish when you can simply spray, clean and buff your way to a Showroom like finish effortlessly.

Using the Shelby Waterless product will get you from dirty to gleaming in around 20 mins. Using only the finest ingredients and highest grade carnauba wax, our waterless wash and wax gives you maximum protection in minimum time and with minimal effort.

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Ceramic Waterless Wash

Made using our excellent award winning Ceramic technology, this product will give such an insanely fantastic shine to your car.

The car needs to be fairly clean before you use this, as in a light dusting, but will leave a very high shine, high beading ceramic coating. The shine lasts longer than Carnauba wax plus the protection is better and longer.

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