Ceramic Coatings - Questions to ask yourself before buying too cheap

Over the last few months we've been asked many, MANY questions, but ONE sticks out like a sore thumb!

Why does the Shelby Ceramic Coating cost what it does, when I can buy 5 x 30ml bottles of 9H coating and five applicators on ebay for £17, with free postage!

Well, Lets just look at that.

Taking out postage and packing, applicator pads, ebay fees, paypal fees (the listing that is frequently quoted only accepts paypal) and the UK's HMRC VAT content, that means each bottle will cost you around £1.85, and then consider the profit margin of both the manufacturer and the retailer, with some shipping to get the product to the UK in the first place.

That must mean that each bottle of Ceramic coating costs no more than 50p. This includes the bottle, the label, the packaging and most importantly the liquid inside the bottle.

SERIOUSLY???? It cant be done!

Lets put this into context against the Shelby Ceramic Coating.

Our bottle and label cost us more than 4 times that.

One of the most important ingredients that goes into every bottle costs us more than 4 times that per bottle and that's only one component.

So next time you consider buying a ceramic that seems too good to be true, why on EARTH would you spend £1000's on a vehicle and then buy a product that costs mere pennies to manufacture and trust it to protect your vehicle.

If something truly is worth protecting, then it's worth taking the time to think about what your going to put on it to give you that protection.

Buying the Shelby Ceramic Coating you can be assured of several things: -

  • We never scrimp on quality - every ingredient is purchased from fully reputable, licensed and trusted manufacturers. Thats from every liquid component, to every bottle and every label, each of our suppliers has been thoroughly vetted, inspected and and contracted to maintain the quality standards demanded of our company.
  • Every stage is controlled from start to finish, batch tested and recorded to ensure the continuance of quality
  • Every process in that production is overseen by our Managing Director, which means nothing is left to chance. Every bottle must meet the exacting standards before it leaves us.

So next time when anyone asks you why you bought the Shelby Ceramic Coating, you know what to say.

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