How to look after your vehicle ready for Spring

So what can we be doing now to prep the car to look its bets for SPRING.

Interior car cleaning for spring

Each season offers different challenges for keeping your car both clean and fit for the road. Read our article for each season.

Cleaning Car Glass

Coming out of the winter, most of us will notice the inside of the windscreen and most windows have a greasy film on them. What most people don't realise, is that when you turn your airvents on two things happen.

  • 1. The hot air coming out has molecules of dirt and grime already heated and ready to stick to your windows causing a film that ends up causing the foggy effect when the sun eventually does shine!
  • 2. The condensation already on the windscreen also contains contaminants which as the hot air flowing past the water molecules causing them to evaporate leave these to stick onto the windscreen.

Using the Shelby Glass Cleaner provides ultimate cleaning and leaves the windows looking crystal clear!

Cleaning the car Dash

In the exact same way as described above, your dash, steering wheel, infact all hard surfaces have the same problem as the glass. Add to this, we're also touching these surfaces a lot more, so we're adding to the issue.

Because we dont see it as much, we tend to over look it, so regular use of the Shelby Interior Detailers maintains a fresh clean surface. Not only that, the detailer will maintain the surface longer using micro technology to kill bacteria longer and keep the car smelling better too.


Hate to say it, but the exact same thing is happening to your seats and carpets. All those contaminants in the air go somewhere and usually the fall down onto either the dash (as above) or down onto the carpets and seats. 

To ensure these all remain in pristine condition, then we strongly urge you to use Shelby's Upholstery cleaner which is suitable for all fabrics in your vehicle. And as well as cleaning, is killing any harmful bacteria and eliminating any odours that they cause.

REMEMBER - if you eat in the car, you'll always drop something, if you drink in the car, how many of us have spilled something, if you smoke or vape, the grimey film is being added to with every breath. And if you have your kids in the car, then you've no chance keeping it clean!

Exterior Car Cleaning for Spring

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