Can you believe it that in less that 18 months since we started the Shelby Car Care Range we've won one of the most trusted motoring magazines (for their independent reviews) prestigious Award for 2021 for the Ceramic Coating.

We love this product as it's waterbased and cram packed with some of the best ceramic technology on the market. Designed originally for a large luxury yacht manufacturer, this product has more green credentials than Greta! As you can imagine for the marine industry, you need to be especially mindful that you don't harm aquatic life. 

  • wont kill the fish, dolphins and the whales
  • wont contaminate water, infact it gets it off the surface in jig time
  • labels made from recycled paper and plastics
  • re-usable 'for life' ceramic bottle
  • Glass bottle version uses recycled glass too.

The Shelby Ceramic Coating does exactly what it says on the tin (bottle) and gives a fantastic ceramic coating with outstanding hydrophobic properties, and an amazing long lasting protective coat for your vehicle.

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