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Today, we launched a small ad on Facebook with the following bullet points and here we just go a little deeper into them

#Made by us for YOU

Made by us if HUGELY significant. Many of the names you see across the UK and infact the global market buy their products from white label companies. This is what we class as buy to sell - anyone can do it.

We manufacture our own product to our own formula developed by our own Chemist with over 40yrs experience in the field.

So when you buy the Shelby product, your buying from one of the few manufacturers who actually care what's in their bottles.

#Ultimate Ceramic Protection

Most ceramic coatings on the market talk about various things like the hardness with some quoting ridiculous figures of 10H and even up to 20H.

Let us just get the record straight, by the very chemical compound of the product and this goes back to basic high school chemistry from the periodic table. The ceramic compound Si02 sits around 7 of the MOHS Hardness scale.

PLEASE dont believe the utter crap you're being told by marketeers that anything higher is good. Any higher and it would simply crack on the surface once it cures.

With the Shelby Ceramic Coating, we've refined the chemical to be Si14 which give greater surface tension but also a more reliable flexible and supply coating to work with your cars surface not just simply sitting on top of it.

We believe that it's the ultimate in ceramic coatings.

#Fantatstic Hydrophobic Properties

A picture tells a thousand words, and when you've applied our coating, you'll see the results instantly. 

Water beads and just falls off the car

The Car stays Cleaner for longer

When you start to drive and the water falls away, it's virtually self cleaning.

#Contains NO harmful chemicals for your skin

Unlike most of the other coatings out there, where nearly 100% are solvent based, ours it water based and can be applied without gloves, and without a face mask.

It wont dry out and damage your skin, it may make your hands sticky, but simply wash off with warm water and soap.

There is no harsh chemicals in ours, NOTHING.

#Applied in under 1min per panel

Once your ready, lets apply to the surface. Watch it cure. Generally wait, but in truth by the time you've stopped applying in the previously talked about NSEW application in a previous blog, your ready to start buffing with a damp cloth. This removes the surfactants and bonding agents leaving the surface with a glass like finish.

So really we're not far wrong in saying a minute. 

cure time to start buffing is on average 20 seconds.

What we recommend though is for a medium family sized car, expect to spend an hour to at most two applying the Shelby Ceramic Coating.

The other main benefits of using our coating is: -

  • fully waterproof in 20mins
  • fully cured in less than 4 hrs
  • cars driveable in under an hour
  • want a second coat, wait just 6 hours and your ready to apply that second coat! Is it needed, not really!

And there you have it.

When you buy your coating from us, your buying a coating thats been designed and engineered BY us. Our BESPOKE technology isnt available anywhere else. You're buying an unrivalled and enviable high end quality product at a sensible price!

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