100ml Vs 60Ml Ceramic Coating

Wondering what is right for you.

How many cars do you have, how many do you want to coat, or how many layers do you want to build up on one?

Our 100ml bottle comes as an ALUMINIUM bottle.

Our 60ml bottle comes as a plastic bottle.

100ml will, used correctly and sparingly, cover 4 and potentially 5 range rovers.

Sounds a lot doesn't it.

From such a small bottle.

Remember, you dont need a lot to coat the surface, and even although the car size sounds huge, compared to say, an astra, or focus estate car, the actual surface volume is remarkably similar.

So dont be afraid to use a little at a time. putting more on doesn't give a better finish, or deeper coat, infact it may not cure as quickly and then you come to buff and are actually removing a lot of the product.

It's much better to put on a small coat and layer.

One tip we would say, once coated, use the ceramic shampoo, and the ceramic detailing spray from our range to give you the best continual results that will make you smile everytime you look out the window at the car.

If you have used a little too much, it's easy to correct. simply use a warm damp cloth to remove the excess before leaving a few minutes more to then buff to the brilliant glass like finish.


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