Shelby's Glass Cleaner - the Ultimate Glass Cleaner

Probably one of the hardest things to clean is your glass.

How many times have we cleaned the inside of our windscreen and looked at and thought, great job, only to then drive towards the sun and be met with streaks and smears you couldn't see before.

How to make sure the windows are cleaned to a professional standard each and every time, the tips are easy!

First spray on to the surface and using a clean dry cloth, wipe in straight lines, making sure you keep rotating the surface of the cloth.

Top tip here and we use our 40cm x 40cm cloths for this job. Fold in half and then half again giving you 8 clean surfaces on the cloth to use during this stage.

For dirty windows, spray more cleaner as required.

Allow to dry - takes seconds!

Then a light spray again and another clean dry cloth to repeat, and this quick and simple method ensures removal of even the most stubborn contaminants.

The formula we use is specifically made to ensure -

  • Glass is easily cleaned
  • even vape smudge and smoke film is removed easily
  • crystal clear finish on all glass surfaces
  • perfect for use on tinted windows - formulated not to dissolve the adhesive used to bond the tint film.
  • perfect for household use



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