Interior Products

Our Interior collection gives you everything you need to keep your driving environment clean and just as new looking as the day you bought the car!

Every product in the range is developed to be of the highest standard and has proven itself with customers time and time again.

We have tried, tested and approved all products to carry the Shelby logo, ensuring great quality products that wont let you down.

Upholstery & Fabric

Our ceramic fabric protector is the ultimate in fabric protection. It stops liquids and other contaminants penetrating the surface of your fabrics all over the vehicle.

Our upholstery cleaner is a gentle and mild fabric cleaner with enough power to remove even the most stubborn stain. The special formula wont leave salt rings.

Our leather cleaner not only cleans your leathers but also leaves them conditioned to remain supple and in great condition prolonging their

The revitalise and protect is used after cleaning, and will further add conditioning to the leather surface while also providing a layer of protection to guard against sticky fingers, muddy paws and boots.

The interior detailer puts the new look back onto interior plastic and hard surfaces and is formulated to repel dust for longer. A very mild coconut scent helps to deodorise your driving compartment.

Our 2 new air detailers enhance your driving experience with unique smells from 2 unique locations.


Developed with a formula to ensure a streak and smudge free finish. This is the ONLY glass cleaner made with tinted windows in mind too. Guaranteed to clean and maintain the effectiveness and bond on any tinted films.