Can a Ceramic Coating save you money?

Applying a ceramic coating is either quite expensive or can be a bit of hard work if you do it yourself.

Granted if you go to a good detailer, especially one of our accredited guys, you'll get paint correction to take the car back to looking even better than when you first bought it! These guys work miracles. Only downside is that they can be expensive, but well justified in the quality of work they produce day after day!

On the other hand, if you do it yourself, it does take time. From cleaning to prepping and then applying. Luckily if you've chosen the Shelby Ceramic coating, you've chosen the easiest one on the market to apply and work with.

Longer term though, can this save you money.

Short answer - YES!

If you like to clean your car yourself, the time and products needed to maintain the look of a brilliant shine drops significantly, so much so, we estimate that between water usage, products required, then those costs drop by at least 70%. If you can quantify your own personal time, you're looking at saving yourself a huge amount of time as cleaning becomes so much easier and quicker.

If you turn up at a car wash and like most people, pay for the extra additions provided, your average cost can be anywhere from £20 - £50 a time minimum.

Try paying for the basic wash and go, and see the results for yourself. 

The Ceramic Coating keeps on shining and protecting even after spending the basic £5 (basic cost nearest to us). 

The frequency of visits will reduce too, as less dirt sticks to the surface so the car stays cleaner for so much longer.

Running a car isnt cheap, and going into 2022, certainly isnt going to get any cheaper anytime soon. So if you can coat your car, we'd strongly suggest doing it as soon as you can.




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