Ceramic Coating and Winter

We've been asked recently and more than once:

  • Whats the point of coating our car in ceramic before the winter?
  • Is it too late to coat it before the winter (northern hemisphere!)?
  • Does it actually make a difference?

To answer the ABOVE, please see BELOW

Ceramic coating your car is beneficial for winter for several reasons:1. Protection from Salt and Chemicals: Ceramic coatings create a durable, hydrophobic layer that repels water, preventing salt and de-icing chemicals from corroding your car's paint. And lets face it, winter in Britain has a lot of salt on the roads.2. Enhanced Durability: The added layer of protection helps guard against winter elements, such as ice, snow, and road debris, reducing the risk of scratches and damage.3. Easy Snow Removal: Snow and ice slide off more easily from a ceramic-coated surface, making it simpler to clear your car and reducing the risk of scratches from scraping. Its true. A ceramic coated windscreen and windows clean faster, easier and retain the beading all through winter meaning clearer driving and safer driving!4. Long-Lasting Shine: Shelby's Ceramic coating will maintain a glossy finish, even in harsh winter conditions, enhancing your car's appearance, and we all know driving around in a clean car certainly feels a lot better, PLUS a point that is overlooked constantly literally by everyone. A car with a cleaner slicker surface not only repels water but also air. This means the drag is greatly reduced by our coating which IMPROVES fuel consumption. 5. Reduced Maintenance: With a ceramic coating, you'll spend less time cleaning and waxing your car during the winter, as the coating is low-maintenance.

6. Is it too late? Absolutely NOT. With a lot of coatings on the market, unless you've got a temperature controlled space to work in, then no chance. However with the Shelby Ceramic Coating, you're looking at working temperatures as low as 2 degree's C. All we really say is try and not coat when there is too much water in the air. And no we don't mean rain, we're based in Glasgow, it's ALWAYS raining, but that late at night moisture that appears on your roof first and works it's way down the car as temperatures drop. And by that time it's usually getting to 1. your local Bar is open and needs a visit, or No 2. bedtime In summary, Shelby's ceramic coating safeguard's your car's paint, make's winter maintenance easier, and keep's your vehicle looking its best despite the challenges winter season throws at us - well, your car!



Shelby's Ceramic Coating can be applied to plastic, rubber, painted and polished surfaces, glass and even wraps.

It's a truly versatile product designed to work with everything, so dont let anyone kid you that you need a tyre version, a glass version and a trim version. If you really like parting with your money, buy one of our other great products.

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