Ceramic Coating - is it easy to apply?

Ray from Middlesbrough recently asked us this question.

Short answer - yes - it's a complete doddle to apply.

What Ray actually meant is how easy is it from start to finish?

This is all dependant on what your going to do.

So the questions from our side are:-

Whats the paint work like - is it perfect or is it badly scratched and all the variants in between?

How much can you do yourself - are you looking to do a full scale paint restoration / correction? How comfortable are you doing this?

Do you just want a really excellent finish on the car thats easy to clean and maintain, without doing a full correction?

If your doing a full correction, then you're in for some work. The Good news is that once and if you've done all the above, the coating itself is very easy!

Once your happy with the paintwork, its applied via the applicator sponge, in long clean strokes going one way across the panel being worked and then the other direction to ensure and even spread of the coating.

Leave to flash for around 2-3mins. You'll see the difference on the surface. Goes from a wet look to dry sticky look. 

Using a wet cloth, remove the residue and then buff to a shine. Depending on how much you've applied, the elbow grease will increase if you've used too much, or will be incredibly easy if you've applied the correct amount.

And thats it.

So you see, the coating is actually the easy bit. it's the rest of the work if you wish to do all that first that is the hard part! HOWEVER, if you have a machine polisher, then your life just became that bit easier too.

Just ask the pro's. Owen is one of our Certified Detailers down in the West Country and what he can do with a cars surface and our ceramic coating, is just beyond professional, it's almost saintly!




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After reading the Auto Express review of your coating and finding out the cost of professional coatings,I thought,this sounds good.New car helped,used Auto Glym restoring polish after washing,only a couple of swirls to rectify.I bought your full kit and followed the instructions.It wasn’t too hard just takes time.Very happy with end result.What I have found over the following weeks is the paintwork keeps cleaner for longer.Washing is much quicker.The dirt doesnt stick .I use the waterless wash just to top up the coating.

Maurice Cowan May 23, 2022

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