New Wheel kit trial added to the range

We've lost count of the amount of times we've been asked do we do a ceramic kit for alloys.

The answer has always been NO, up until now.

The reason we hadn't added it, was that in the most, if other companies were 100% truthful with their customers, they'd admit the coating they produce for vehicles and the special coating for alloy wheels are both INFACT the exact same product. 

Recently though, people have been telling us that they just want to do their wheels as they either weren't done previously, or after whacking them off kerbs, having them repaired, they need recoated.

Makes perfect sense now, especially after the MD of our company kerbed a brand new wheel after just one week!

So here it is, the wheel Ceramic Coating Kit!!!


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interested in ceramic wheel kit whats in the kit and the cost please
thanks Rich

RICHARD WINTOUR January 10, 2022

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