New images from a very good customer (Pro Detailer)

One of our very good customers in Scotland sent us the photo's of a fantastic black Mustang - or at least it looks fantastic now.

If you're looking for a top class detailer in the central belt - and in particular the Falkirk / Stirling area, please let us know and we'll put you in touch with Mark!

We always love to see photos and especially love it when you give us a comment to use with them: -

"The latest job for us was this 2017 5.0 Stang with a few tasty sounds mega! There was a great deal of paint correction to address surface marring and scratches, before returning the paint to a deep gloss finish, preparation as has been said before is key, hen we moved to coating with ceramics to add much needed protection,. The CSL Shelby coating was the obvious choice, whilst being user friendly and delivering good results, we applied 2 coats to the body work, giving a lovely glossy finish. The owner on collection, remarked it didn’t look that good when it left the showroom...I Hope you enjoy the pictures."
Mark, Central Scotland, 2022
CSL Comment - When it's a black 'Stang, the coating makes the car just look amazing!

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