Exterior Products

Our Exterior Collection provides everything you'll need to keep the outside of your vehicle looking like now. From our ceramic coating and new INSANE Ceramic Waterless Wash, to the Tyre Detailer, you have everything at your fingertips.

Buy individually or as part of a 4 Step process:

1. Ceramic Infused Shampoo - lifts away dirt and contaminents.

2. Stripped Bare - removes excess contaminents such as wax & tree sap.

3. Ceramic Coating - the utlimate ceramic protection for your car.

4. Ceramic Detailing Spray - after product to further enhance and protect - ideal for shows.

Which one is right for me?

Carnauba Waterless - for those who love a clean car but hate the hours normally spent to get that great finish. Good for dirtier cars.

Ceramic Waterless - leaves a much higher shine and longer lasting with protection. Car needs to be fairly clean initially.

The alloy wheel cleaner is a fast and effective spray on solution that penetrates dirt lifting it from the surface and breaking down grime to leave a clean dirt free alloy wheel.

Finish off your tyres with our tyre dreassing, incorporating a truly brilliant formula used to restore and rejuvenate tyres back to their original shine.

Developed with a formula to ensure a streak and smudge free finish, the glass cleaner is the ONLY glass cleaner made with tinted windows in mind too.

Over the years we have been asked if we have anything for headlight restoration. One of the best products we have come across is called 'Peek Polish'. So we've put both Peek Polish and Shelby together.

The Shelby Convertible Fabric Cleaner is designed to gently clean even the most stubborn dirt, grime and stains. It's unique formula will leave your convertible looking like new and will not dry out the material.

Designed to work in complete synergy the Ceramic ReProof Spray has been designed to offer maximum protection from both rain and other elements.