The Ceramic Range

Shop our award winning ceramics from the Shelby car care range. We offer 4 products in the ceramic range, that can be either purchased and used separately, or as part of a 4-step process, shown below.

4 step ceramic process

Use individually or as part of a 4 step ceramic process. The Ceramic Infused Shampoo lifts away dirt and contaminents. Stripped Bare removes excess contaminents such as wax & tree sap. Ceramic Coating is the award winning utlimate ceramic protection for your car. Lastly, our Ceramic Detailing Spray is an after product to further enhance and protect, ideal for shows.

Each product in detail

See below some more information about each product in the 4-step process. For further information, reviews and to buy the product just click on the button.

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Ceramic Infused Shampoo

By using the Ceramic infused Shampoo and Snowfoam you're taking off as much of the daily contaminants as you can with this product. It's designed to be highly effective in cleaning, and yet be as gentle as possible. Regular use of the Shampoo will maintain and repair minor damage day to day use creates with the coating.

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Stripped Bare

The best panel wipe to prepare the surface ready for the Ceramic Coating application. Simply use once the surface has been cleaned to remove all excess and unwanted wax and contaminants left behind after normal washing. The perfect add on to complete the job!

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Ceramic Coating

Voted as Autoexpress' Best Buy 2021 & 2022, Shelby's, this highly engineered coating gives unparalleled protection for your car, lasting years and in most cases the lifetime of your car. It can be easily applied by you at home as well as professionals.

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Ceramic Detailing Spray

Use of the Ceramic Detailing Spray will further enhance, protect and maintain your ceramic coating keeping it in tip top condition for longer, as this product's ceramic concentration is 5 times that of the Shampoo. Perfect for shows and topping up.

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Looking for a ceramic waterless option?

Made using our excellent award winning Ceramic technology, this product will give such an insanely fantastic shine to your car without the need for a bucket or water.

Shelby Ceramic Bundles

We have also put together some ceramic bundles & kits. We have mix and matched some of the ceramic products so have the option to choose the kit right for you and save some money on buying individually.

Caravans & motorhomes

We have put togteher a ceramic bundle specifically for owners of caravans or motorhomes. The Caravan / Motorhome kit comes with 125ml Ceramic Coating with pipette, 500ml Shampoo, 500ml Detailer, 3 varying sized applicators, 4 non branded cloths, and a Stripped Bare.

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