Get your Vehicle ready for Winter

It's the end of the holiday season and there's nothing worse than having to think about shorter day light hours and longer nights but now's the time to be planning ahead to get the car ready for the wetter weather especially with road salt being used so much everywhere. 

Along with servicing, tyres etc, it's always a great idea to prepare the surface of the vehicle too.

Depending on your personal persuasion, a good coating of wax or ceramic is the best way to make sure you look after the paint work.

So whats best?

We make both so it's very hard - almost like who's your favourite child?

So lets make it simple.

If you like Wax then its a short term fix, lasting up to three months between coats. HOWEVER, if you use our Ceramic Hybrid Wax, then it's a year long protection!

Ultimately, the long term solution is Ceramic Coating.

With our NEW FORMULA COATING, application could not be more simple. Prep the car, and apply. You can start removing the bonding agent almost right away and you'll have up to three minutes to remove really easily.

The Shelby ceramic coating will last you years. BUT DO NOT BE FOOLED by people out there telling you that's it. Your coating needs some TLC at various times throughout the year. BUT not to worry, we've made that super simple too.

Wash regularly with our Ceramic Shampoo, and you'll continually repair and refresh your coating. Give it a quick detail with our Ceramic Detailer and you'll make it last for years.


Now for the science bit

Before applying a ceramic coating you MAY want to - like how do you drink your whisky - neat, with ice, or with coke or lemonade, or even like some of the staff here, straight from the bottle! So you may want to:

  • Prep the car
  • wash and dry it
  • clay it
  • wash again
  • machine polish out the swirls
  • use striped bare to remove any contamination from the above process.
  • OR
  • if you just want an amazing shine, apply it straight on after washing and getting any tar spots etc off the surface.

When we say we like to make things simple, we really do mean VERY SIMPLE!

That's why we use the phrase Common Sense Car Care

PS If we're going to have an image on the blog, why not use the Norse Earth Goddess who protects the planet. Afterall, our coating is designed to look after it.

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