Shelby's Alloy Wheel Cleaner

Every week we focus on one of our products and this week it's our Alloy Wheel Cleaner.

One thing to state here is we dont do gimmicks and our Alloy Wheel Cleaner wont give a show like screaming blood red which is great visually, but does nothing to enhance the product.

So are you all show, or do you do what is says on the tin?

Ok so if your driving a pimped up ride, wearing a watch the size of Big Ben, and have a designer label on every piece of clothing, then blood dripping alloy cleaner will float your boat!

If you want a alloy cleaner that simply works, wont damage and eventually cause your alloys to corrode, then the Shelby Alloy Wheel Cleaner is for you.

Using our own cleaning technology, we safely remove any 'burnt' on grime, brake dust, and and every other nasty contaminant picked up in your daily drive.

Once lifted and removed from your alloy wheels surface, we leave it perfectly clean and then we highly recommend using a protector giving the wheel a longer lasting easier cleaning great look mile after mile.

We recommend using our ceramic coating (award winning by the way) or simply a spritz with the ceramic detailer, which gives just enough ceramic protection to keep those alloys looking better for longer.

Then complete the look using the Shelby Tyre Dressing for that complete finish to your wheels and rubber.



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