How Long will your Super Snake Wax Last?

Just how long will our Super Snake Wax last?

There's 2 answers.

1st answer.

When you apply it to the car, the special ceramic / graphene formulation will make the wax last for 6 months + on any vehicle.

2nd Answer

The wax itself is 250g, and so far we've used our tub on a Mercedes E class twice, an S Class twice, a Ford Focus once and three Mustangs each getting a coating. AND we still have more than 3/4's of it left. Considering people tend to wax their car 3 - 4 times a year (with a great wax like this one) then the wax itself will last you 5 years + and it wont degrade like other waxes tend to do.

So if you looking for an EXCELLENT WAX and one that will LAST for years, then this is for you, so BUY NOW while there's a couple left!

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