Protecting NOW at the start of the season

Right now, we are being bombarded with huge cost in living increases, and already we're seeing the start of fuel increase's which will undoubtedly hurt many of our pockets.

We've been asked what increases we're seeing, and yes, we're seeing plenty.

The cost of goods has been soaring recently. From the cost of packaging - bottles for the ceramic coating have more than doubled in 6 months. Labels have increased due to raw materials going through the roof. Add all this to the basic cost of raw materials used in our products, the rises have been relentless.

SO, as a company, we've taken the decision to absorb as many of these costs as we can, so that our immensely valued customers can maintain their vehicles and everything that they use our products on at the same great costs. 

If we think about it, the car we drive is usually, next to buying a house, the second biggest financial commitment we'll make in our lives, so it makes sense to protect it as much as possible.

Applying a ceramic coating, and even a great wax (Shelby Super Snake Wax) will not only make your vehicle look amazing, but will give added protection to keep it looking that good a whole lot longer.

So if you haven't done so already, we'd strongly advise getting the protection on your car today!

if it's not raining!


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