Shelby Ceramic Coating - Perfect Summer protection for all your vehicles surfaces

Our award winning Shelby ceramic coating for your car’s many surfaces is perfect for summer protection for several reasons.

Firstly, it provides exceptional protection against the intense sunlight and UV rays that are common during the summer months (Obviously not to intense in Scotland). The ceramic coating acts as a barrier, preventing the paint from fading or oxidizing due to sun exposure, thus preserving the car's glossy finish.

Secondly, the Shelby ceramic coating offers unbeatable hydrophobic properties, meaning it repels water and prevents water spots from forming on your car's surface. This is especially beneficial during the summer when frequent showers or trips to the beach and countryside can leave your car susceptible to water damage and mineral deposits.

Moreover, the slick and smooth surface created by our ceramic coating makes it easier to clean off summer debris such as pollen, bird droppings, and bugs. This reduces the time and effort required for car maintenance, allowing you to spend more time enjoying outdoor activities.

Additionally, ceramic coating provides an extra layer of defense against environmental contaminants like tree sap, road tar, and insect acids, which are more prevalent during the warmer months. By shielding your car's paint from these harmful substances, our ceramic coating helps maintain its pristine appearance throughout the summer season.

Overall, Shelby ceramic coating for your car offers unparalleled protection and convenience, making it an ideal choice to keep your vehicle looking its best during the summer months.

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