Why Waterless?

Why Waterless?

There's so many myths surrounding Waterless Wash and Waxes, and usually unfounded hesitancy to use them.

So lets get these out the way.


The BIGGY - They'll scratch your surface. The truth here is yes, some will, infact a lot of the cheap versions out there will through time scratch ad mark your paint work. Anyone who tells you anything different, well, lets just be polite and say they're lying.

Another one - They cant do everything on the outside of your car - Again very true, and most cant. Some cant do plastics, especially 'bare' plastic and rubber, drying them out and leaving waves across the surface. Some leave glass smeared and oily.

Want another - they're bad for the environment - absolutely true. Most of our competitors carry warnings that they are toxic to animals and marine wildlife. Some of the cheapest surfactants are very harmful ecologically, and are also hellish for your skin too, so watch out.


We've been involved in the waterless market for almost 20 years and have pioneered the way in bringing together some of the best surfactants, detergents and waxes together in one products to ensure they work to the very highest standards.

Using a combination of truly excellent detergents, we can hand on heart say that spraying these on to the surface of your car, they immediately lift dirt of the surface of the vehicle and they're cleaning power is immense while also being incredibly gentle to your cars paintwork, rubbers, plastics, alloys, and Glass, that they just can not be compared with others on the market in this format. They can be used on every surface on the car.

We've sourced surfactants from the finest manufacturers in the world, which do amazing things. Once the detergents start to work their magic, the surfactants slip into play and encompass the particles of dirt completely surrounding these making them silky smooth, something like a hair conditioner in smoothness. By doing this, the dirt is then attracted to the movement of the cloth across the cars surface lifting the abrasive dirt safely away from the car.

Now here we have two options. We have a Ceramic Waterless and a Wax waterless. What you choose is personal preference. BUT, whatever you choose, your choosing one of the highest quality Ceramic compounds or Carnauba wax formula's available. Both will leave your cars surface with an unbelievable finish, and both will give a concours level finish.


By using one bottle of Shelby Waterless Wash and Wax / Ceramic, you will be saving the contamination of almost 1000 litres - that's 1000 litres of water saved using each 1 litre bottle of Shelby Waterless Wash and Wax. Every ingredient we use is biologically sound and is completely safe for use on boats in fresh water lochs to the open seas. It wont harm marine animals and it wont kill wildlife and it wont even make you sick if you drink it. BY THE WAY - do not drink it, its for cleaning the car. And if your stupid enough to drink products like these, then you really shouldn't be allowed to drive a car or breed, for that matter!

Ok, this is the last one

One thing to add here though, is that NO waterless should ever be used without using the highest grade Microfibre Cloths. These cloths work in complete synergy with any waterless wash product, and honestly, we cant stress enough, the importance of this. DO NOT SCRIMP ON CLOTHS.

For the full range of waterless products, please visit our website and retailers, buy some and see for yourself why these products are so good.

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