This collection includes those items we quite simply need in the range. From trigger sprays to cloths, applicators to our official detailer's bag, we have what you need for your ceramic car care.

We only have cloths in our range that exceed 320gsm. All our cloths are super absorbent and guaranteed to be as effective as ever.

It's well worth mentioning here, that many a product performs at its best when you use a high quality microfibre when applying it, or buffing it off. Never scrimp on the cloth!

Our ceramic coating applicators are made to last and be used multiple times (just keep damp) the applicators are specified to perform at the optimum level with the coating.

Our trigger sprays are a must for most detailers kits. Simply buy to be kept as spares, or in most cases bought to replace the ones we've just broken!

Deatilers Kit Bag

Designed around our 500ml /16oz bottles, the kit bag will carry 12 bottles easily and  keeps all your products safe and in one place.

With an expanding front compartment to hold your cloths, applicators and anything else you need to carry, this bag is an essential part of your car care regime.